Rebranding stuff under the Yelp umbrella

Hey folks,

With libyelp coming along, I've been giving some thought to
rebranding the stuff in gnome-doc-utils.  The idea is that
the "Yelp" name would be an umbrella for all packages that
deal with our help system.

This would be the package breakdown:

yelp-xsl would contain all the XSLT from gnome-doc-utils.

libyelp would contain a C library for easily transforming
and displaying documents.

yelp-tools would contain the build utilities and yelp-tool,
which would comprise the functionality currently found in
gnome-doc-tool and gnome-doc-prepare, plus some.

yelp would be the help viewer we use in Gnome.

My hope is that we can get more widespread adoption of our
documentation tools.



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