Re: The documentation web

Danilo Šegan <danilo gnome org>:
> >> * Installing the presentation format is 87% of what's
> >>   wrong with info.
> Seconded.  Maybe new texinfo stuff (such as images) would get used
> more if info readers actually supported it properly.

HTML supports images, so I don't see how this criticism makes a lot
of sense.

> Completely broken and backwards, IMHO: with all the tools we have
> already developed to provide such behaviour, a reason to go back to
> as limiting behaviour as you suggest would be?

Well, the big one would be being able to cross-link documents no matter
what their original format was.
> But one can do so much better when you go more specific.  I'd prefer
> more specialized code than worse experience for users.

OK.  Better how?

And 'worse' is multidimensional.  I keep coming back to the fragmented
formats, fragmemted tools, and impoverished link structures.  It seems to
me that fixing that would be worth a lot.
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