question about gnome-doc-utils.make and DISTCLEANFILES

Somebody recently filed a bug against my project saying that they
couldn't build it after running `make distclean` due to a missing
gnome-doc-utils.make (see  I had followed
the gnome-doc-utils migration instructions
( which tell you to
add gnome-doc-utils.make to DISTCLEANFILES.  However, if I look at the
automake manual which describes when to add things to DISTCLEANFILES
it says the following:
   * If make built it, and it is commonly something that one would
want to rebuild (for instance, a .o file), then mostlyclean should
delete it.
   * Otherwise, if make built it, then clean should delete it.
   * If configure built it, then distclean should delete it.
   * If the maintainer built it (for instance, a .info file), then
maintainer-clean should delete it. However maintainer-clean should not
delete anything that needs to exist in order to run ./configure &&

Since configure did not build gnome-doc-utils.make (or otherwise he
would have been able to build my project after make distclean by
simply running ./configure again), it seems that this file shouldn't
be added to DISTCLEANFILES.  In fact, it doesn't seem to fit any of
the categories mentioned above. Any thoughts?


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