Status update


Some updates on life, the universe and everything.  Well, actually my
work on spoon and yelp.

Last Monday (28th May), spoon reached an important milestone - all
scrollkeeper functions implemented [1].  On Thursday (31st May), it
reached a further milestone - replacing scrollkeeper in jhbuild with
Spoon, everything compiled and (more importantly) yelp ran with it!!!

This all means that, after a couple of other very minor things are
sorted, spoon can be proposed to replace scrollkeeper.

I've started working on the yelp "resolver" function - the one that
takes in some user-provided garbage and produces a usable file path.
This is happening in the yelp-spoon branch (as it'll rely on spoon) and
*should* remove the use of libgnome from that part (at least, that's the
hope).  There is a test-resolver test program which currently doesn't
work at all, but should allow tracking of progress ;)

Now, the minor problems that I've mentioned about getting spoon
1) It needs a permanent (public) home.  I've requested this from
freedesktop, but despite pinging, there's been no response.  Therefore,
I'm tempted to ask for Google hosting.  This provides SVN and download
access, which is good enough.
2) It should probably get a better name.  I like spoon, but it's not
exactly descriptive.  This holds up (1).  I've been thinking
"libdocmd" (lib documentation meta-data), though more suggestions are
very, very welcome as, written down, this looks more like "libdo-cmd" as
opposed to the "lib-doc-md" I was going for.  Yes, there is a pun in
there somewhere.
3) It needs documentation.  Yes, there is a certain amount of irony
about it.  At the very least, a simple document stating how to use it
(or API documentation for the library)

Anyway, that's the state of matters with me.  Just thought I'd let you
all know what's going on.

[1] The complete status is:
name (type) - status

scrollkeeper-config (bash script) - should be complete
scrollkeeper-extract (bash script) - wrapper for xsltproc (optional,
introduces external dependance on libxslt)
scrollkeeper-gen-seriesid (program) - complete
scrollkeeper-get-cl (program) - complete in normal case, sections
missing in extended mode - see note (a) below
scrollkeeper-get-content-list (bash script) - complete
scrollkeeper-get-extended-content-list (bash script) - complete
scrollkeeper-get-index-from-docpath (bash script) - complete see note
(b) below
scrollkeeper-get-toc-from-docpath (bash script) - complete see note (b)
scrollkeeper-get-toc-from-id (bash script) - complete see note (b) below
scrollkeeper-install (bash script) - complete see note (c) below
scrollkeeper-preinstall (program) - complete
scrollkeeper-rebuilddb (bash script) - complete
scrollkeeper-uninstall (bash script) - complete see note (c) below
scrollkeeper-update (bash script) - complete

note (a): The get-{extended-}content-list calls this program.  In the
extended case, the resulting file has <sect1>'s in the file.  This isn't
emulated as it would require iterating through all docbook files
(including xincluded ones) to find them, something that doesn't sound
too nice.

note (b): AFAICT, these return files that are never created.  The result
is that we just return a "Not found" generic error in all cases.

note (c): -install is called "internally" by scrollkeeper in it's update
script.  It's no-longer needed.  -uninstall is not called at all.  There
is a scrollkeeper TODO item to hook it up, but it hasn't been done.
Therefore, both scripts are empty and don't do anything.

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