Rarian 0.5.2

Rarian 0.5.2 is now available for download.

What is it?

Rarian is a documentation meta-data library.  It provides access for
help browsers and other interested parties to documentation installed on
the system.  It supports help docs, man page and info page support.

It also provides backwards-compatibility with scrollkeeper.

This is the second release leading up to 0.6.

What's changed:

New stuff since 0.5.0:
* Moved to new home at freedesktop.org
* Added documentation

* Fix template naming error (that stopped yelp working)
* Make scrollkeeper-update optional at install time
  - Florian Steinel
* Make build work in chroot
  - based on patch from Florian Steinel
* Fix #include's for potentially non-included files
* Fix man pages to not repase all man pages on every single call
* Only check for xsltproc instead of libxslt (as that's what we 
actually use)
* Only install / link sk-extract if it's actually possible
* Fix stupid, broken omf parsing when no seriesid is available
* Make failing omf conversion errors slightly less cryptic
* Override default dest dir for omf translation when asked
  (fixes things for packagers)
* Fix older autoconf datarootdir issue
  - Shaun McCance
* Don't do scrollkeeper-rebuilddb when distchecking
* Make update script work correctly with dash (Daniel Holbach)
* Fix symlinks for packagers (Daniel Holbach)
* Fix silly error in rarian-man that caused a warning in linked programs
* Make distcheck pass properly

Where to get it?

Version 0.5.2 can be downloaded from the GNOME ftp site at:

Direct link:
md5sum: 9de162c12764b78f1cf6ce3dc568adab

(Note: Future versions will also be available from
rarian.freedesktop.org, once the teething problems have been resolved)

Development is carried out in subversion and is available from:

Questions can be asked (and answered) at the new Rarian mailing list.
Info at:

Bugs can now be filed on the freedesktop bugzilla at:

Note, in light of all this new goodness, the code.google.com page will
now be depreciated.


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