Re: Query regarding Yelp

On Thu, 2007-12-06 at 15:25 +0530, B Prathibha wrote:
> Sir,
>   I am using debian. In yelp-2.18 I have done some modifications to
> the toc.xml file and scrollkeeper.xml file.  Every thing works fine
> and I got the expected output. 
>   The same changes I tried with yelp-2.20 package. I am not getting
> the expected. 
>   Can you give you some valuable suggestions so that I can rectify my
> problem. 

Yelp 2.20 switched to using Rarian to get the listing
of documentation.  This may have changed how these
files get used.  I'm forwarding this to the mailing
list so that others can answer.


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