Re: scrollkeeper and html

On Sat, 2005-12-17 at 22:54 +0000, Matthew East wrote:

> I have a question about scrollkeeper. I'll explain the situation as
> clearly as possible.

I didn't get a reply on this... so bumping. Any ideas? Question is
bottom posted below this!

Thanks, Matt

> If I have some documents, in html format, translated like this:
> html/C/document.html
> html/FR/document.html
> And then I ship omf files to register these documents:
> /usr/share/omf/document/document-C.omf
> /usr/share/omf/document/document-FR.omf
> Each of those omf files has the same seriesid, but points at the
> translated html in the identifier tag. But so far, try as I might, I
> can't get yelp to open the translated document when operating in the
> relevant locale. Does anyone know why this isn't working? Is there
> something special about xml that makes scrollkeeper happy, and html that
> makes it unhappy?
> Hope someone can help :)

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