Re: cvs to svn migration


Sorry, this page is horribly out of date. When you want to find more
information about Anjuta(2), check The other projects
organized in GNOME devtools that currently ship with GNOME are devhelp,
accerciser and glade3.

You can all find them in the GNOME SVN:


On Fr, 2008-09-19 at 17:21 +0300, whoneedselta softnet tuc gr wrote:
> Greetings, I' m trying to checkout the latest devtools code but it seems
> that not all projects have migrated to the new svn interface of the gnome
> repository.
> I've found out that the old repository is kept in:
> :pserver:anonymous anoncvs-i-know-i-should-use-svn gnome org:/cvs/gnome
> but the anonymous login does not accept blank passwords as is implied in:
> I' ve tried ftp, but found only gnome-debug, any ideas ?
> p.s maybe the contribute page in
> should be updated
> Thanx.
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