Announce: GtkSourceCompletion released!!

Hi all,

    This release fix some compilation problems with 0.3.1 version. I
hope it works fine and I'm sorry for this problems.



This library adds completion support to GtkSourceView. There is
GtkSourceCompletion that creates the widget displaying the completion
items. You must register a GtkSourceCompletionProvider to which the
popup will delegate the completion work.

News for 0.3.1

This release fix some problems completing variables like $variable and
sort the completion items by length by default. An internal improvement
creating a separate widget GsvCompletionPopup that handle all completion
popup actions.

Future of GtkSourceCompletion

I want to add a multipage support to GsvCompletionPopup and then to
GtkSourceCompletion. I will work on it in version 0.4.0

Project page:
More Info:

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