Announce: Anjuta DevStudio 2.1.3 (beta) -- The Wind -- released!

Hi all,

This is the next beta release of Anjuta 2.x series (The Wind). Anjuta
2.1.3 release contains many bug fixes including cygwin fixes, sun cc
fixes, debugger fixes, project view fixes, dock fixes and other
stability improvements.

Please make sure you also install latest gdl and gnome-build (links
given below) packages to take full advantage of all improvements.

Thanks for this release go to (alphabetically):

Brian Pepple  <bpepple(@)>
Cygwin Ports maintainer  <yselkowitz(@)>
�ienne Bersac <bersace03(@)>
Halton Huo  <halton.huo(@)>
Jason Switzer  <jswitzer(@)>
Johannes Schmid <jhs(@)>
Sebastien Granjoux <seb.sfo(@)>
s|s  <supreet.sethi(@)>
Sebastien Granjoux <seb.sfo(@)>
Vincent Geddes  <vincent.geddes(@)>

* en_GB: David Lodge <dave(@)>
* gl: Ignacio Casal Quinteiro  <nacho.resa(@)>
* dz: Pema Geyley  <pema.geyleg(@)>
* hu: Gabor Kelemen  <kelemeng(@)>
* ja: Takeshi AIHANA <takeshi.aihana(@)>
* de: Johannes Schmid <jhs(@)>
* ar: Djihed Afifi <djihed(@)>

Happy coding!


Anjuta DevStudio 2.1.3 (beta)

Anjuta is a versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for GNOME
desktop. It features a number of advanced programming facilities that
include project management, application wizards, an on-board interactive
debugger, integrated glade UI designer, integrated devhelp API help,
integrated valgrind memory profiler, integrated gprof performance
profiler, class generator, powerful source editor, source browsing and
many more.

Screenshots: (updated)
Features: (updated)


* Fixed glade plugin build against glade3 svn trunk
* Fixes for sun cc compiler
* Fixes for cygwin
* Debugger fixes
* Icons for build messages.
* Enabled makefile based projects (not fully working)
* Resolved namespace conflicts
* Better templates for GObject class generator.
* Fixes to editor life-cycle
* Support for shared library in new project templates.
* Fixes subversion build.
* New django project template
* New minimal and flat project template

Translation updates
dz, hu, ja, de, gl, ar, en_GB

Bugs fixed
#346355 search in project files don't work the first time
#355145 makefile-based projects are broken
#359399 Anjuta crash, I don't know (remember) why
#378193 Find in Files for empty string hangs Anjuta
#397505 code errors reported by compiler
#397509 Close project menu-item is disabled when no project file is open
#406963 File > New > Glade File does nothing
#409412 crash in Anjuta IDE: Changing font preference...
#417875 Use G_DEFINE_TYPE in plugins:class-gen
#417918 Use G_*_DECLS macro in Header_c maco
#419008 Does not use prefence set e-mail
#419036 Only one hyphen is replaced by underscore in macros
#422143 Crash when loading multiple files or several files quickly
#423680 sun cc can not compile anonymous union
#423682 sun cc can not compile with zero subscript
#423727 sun cc can not compile with inline function can not use static
#423730 build fail on different return value of function
#423733 build fail on solaris: missing header files in anjuta-utils.c
#423737 build fail on solaris: can not find lib util
#423768 compile fail on plugins/class-gen/window.c: void function cannot
return value
#423772 compile fail on plugins/class-inheritance/class-inherit.c:
invalid cast expression
#424121 anjuta Cygwin fixes
#424845 crash in Anjuta IDE: I was closing a project ...
#425850 anjuta crashes on import project from existing sources
#426701 can not find subversion --with-svn-include
#427395 Typo in configuration GUI
#427399 Typo in configuration GUI
#430401 Anjuta crash when closing file when debugger active
#433070 [Patch] Run gtk-update-icon-cache in uninstall-hook

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