Re: How do I get GtkSourceView to recognize a mime-type

The reason its not choosing it is because its looking at the data and deciding that its not properly formatted.  How do I tell it what the top header should look like?

It needs to be:

<%@ WebHandler Language="*" Class="*" %>

where the *'s can be anything

On 2/11/07, John Anderson <sontek gmail com> wrote:
The tooltip says text/plain

On 2/11/07, Paolo Maggi < paolo maggi gmail com> wrote:
Does gedit recognize it as .ashx file? Look at the tooltip you get
moving the mouse pointer on the ab with the file name.


On 2/11/07, John Anderson < sontek gmail com > wrote:
> .ashx is a file extension for an HttpHandler in mono which means it can be
> in multiple languages (C#, VB, Boo, Ruby, Python, etc) and I was wondering
> if there was an easy way to get gtksourceview to recognize this file
> extension and highlight it. Since I'm mainly a C# developer I'm willing to
> settle for C# highlighting this is what I did: copied csharp.lang to
> ashx.lang and then changed its mime type to application/x-ashx which
> gnomevfs-info told me was the type to be defined.  Yet when I open up gedit
> with a .ashx file it doesn't recognize the file by default and I have to
> view->highlighting mode->ashx
> I have 2 directories for mime types /usr/share/mime and
> /usr/local/share/mime     not sure if that would be causing this glitch.
>  Is there anything else I need to do?
> I'd also be willing to do the work to get it to allow all CLR lanagues if
> this is possible.
>  Thanks,
>  John
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