Re: Ask for help for devhelp program


- I notice library exports some interfaces that can be
invoked by other programs. Is there any real program using those
interfaces now? Some docs mention devhelp has been integrated with many
IDEs like anjuta, gide and emacs. Is this done by libdevhelp?

Emacs just invokes the binary with a command line argument specifying what to show (glade-3 does the same I think), and Anjuta uses the library.

- How can I add new books to devhelp? For example, there are some SANE
docs. I want to brown and search them in devhelp. How do I generate
devhelp format docs for it? BTW, is .devhelp2 format file just a index
for search?

Devhelp uses gtk-doc books, which are created and installed by packages using gtk-doc as API documentation format. I believe there are some scripts out there that can turn other things into gtk-doc books, I don't know if they are updated to work with more recent versions of devhelp.

The devhelp file is just an index of all items you can find in the html documentation (functions, structs, etc).


Imendio AB,

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