Re: scons gnome-build backend

I spent some time and created a libgbf_scons backend based on the
mkfile and am backends. It supports probing and building right now,
but I will need to think about how I want to do the parsing. scons
build files (SConstruct, SConscript) are actually python programs, and
so parsing an arbitrary scons file is kind of complicated. I was
thinking about simplifying it and not supporting import (in anjuta).

I then went on to look at adding a new project template in anjuta, and
ran into trouble getting  my stuff to be built. ( My
wasn't getting run) I'll try more on that later.

Anyways, Just letting you know I'm working on it. Eventually I will
either post a patch or look into getting commit access


On 11/8/06, Johannes Schmid <johannes schmid gmx de> wrote:
Hi Austin!

No, nobody is working on something like that yet. For a start look at
gnome-build/src/backends/libgbf_mkfile or libgbf_am. The two current
backends use perl for parsing the files but you are free to handle this

Every backend must provide all the virtual methods of libgbf.


Austin Foxley schrieb:
> Hello,
> I was wondering if anybody is working on an scons backend for
> gnome-build. Anjuta2 is pretty useless for my projects without it.
> I would be willing to work on adding it, just point me to where to start
> thanks
> -Austin
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