Re: Re: [Anjuta-devel] Gnome2 diff/merge/cvs tool

I would not like meld to be included into Anjuta 2, because
it has too many dependencies ( python2.2, orbit-python,
pygtk, gnome-python ). These are all packages that Anjuta
2 as well as the whole GNOME desktop do not depend on
and I think it is a bad idea to add these dependencies for a
single ( good looking ) tool. Rather it should be written in
straight forward C. Meld may be an option, but should not
be sufficient as the default diff tool for Anjuta 2.

Timothee Besset wrote:

I've been using meld for a while now. Pretty awesome tool. There are a lot
of graphical diff/merge tools I've tried, this is by far the most powerful

It would be a worthy bonobo component, further integration with Anjuta2
for instance would be awesome.


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