Re: [Gnome-devtools] What we're doing.

Andrew Sutton <asutton21 home com> writes:

> as pointed out, hackers aren't software engineers, and don't necissarily
> see the process, just the code.

Well I strongly disagree with that.  But that's beside the point.

> i want to write an application for mathematical modelling (god knows why
> - i'm not that good at math). for some ungodly reason, i have all the
> capabilities and requirements in my head, but decide to put down a class
> diagram in our envisioned ide's design tools. the ide would recognize
> that i am participating in that phase of the design process and present
> me with options to do more design oriented tasks (like design doc
> generation). i might not need them, i just want to go write the code.
> the ide recognizes the participation there and presents me with options
> for coding (editor, builder, etc.).

Yes, this would be a nice capability.  I don't think our current
design limits this in any way.  Again, we don't have infinite (or
copious, or even sufficient :)) resources and can't focus on this
aspect at first, but we are certainly keeping this sort of thing in
mind and are working to keep the framework open to additions like

Hope this helps,

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