[Announcement] Gnome Developer Kit 2.29.20100308


We are pleased to announce the new release of GNOME Developer Kit.
This release is cut a day before tarballs-due of 2.29.92, so the
packages should be close to gnome 2.29.92 release.

There are three kinds of images available:
    * x86 VMware Image: 636 MB
    * x86 Installable ISO: 697 MB
    * x86 Raw Hard Disk Image for Parallels, QEMU: 644 MB

You can download it at  [0].

All the images have gone through a basic smoke-test. They can boot and
run well, but you may encounter some bugs since it contains unstable
software, please don't use it on production machines.

== what's it ==
GNOME Developer Kit provides an easy to use platform for testing,
developing, documenting, and translating GNOME.

== what's new ==
We have tried to slim down the size of GDK image sizes. As you can see
from above, they are all under 700MB now and the ISO can fit on one

For more info, please visit [1].

[0]. http://www.rpath.org/web/project/gnome/latestRelease
[1]. http://live.gnome.org/GnomeDeveloperKit

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