Using open source javascript with GJS


I want to use geojson-vt in GNOME Maps.
The project can be found at

The reason I want it is because it solves showing big sets of GeoJSON
data without being slow. It does this with tricks:

I have mangaged to get this working in Maps, it required me to change
how the including of modules was done. Since geojson-vt uses Node.js style
includes with require and module.export. The patch needed to get geojson-vt
included is attached to this mail.

The license for geojson-vt can be found here:

So how do I do this best? Do we need a best practice? Has this been done before?
I wanted to discuss it here since I or someone else might want to use
other javascript code from Github or other places.

I was thinking of having an import/geojson-vt branch were I keep the
code unpatched and use that if I want to get updates from geojson-vt.
And then apply my changes on a differant branch, like master.

Should I checking everything from the geojson-vt repo? Should I use a
git submodule? Should I abandon this idea totally and write
my own geojson code?

Thankful for replies

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