No icon on the gnome desktop using geode driver


Hi, all


            This is AMD guy. We need some help from the community.

            Right now, we are debugging the geode driver. In three BTS, the big issue is the “no icon” bug on the desktop.

            I have written some simple Xlib programs trying  to reproduce this issue because it does not depend on the window manager. That will be more simple to fix on the bug root. But all these programs failed to reproduce.

            Two Xlib application to demonstrate:

            One is displaying an application icon via the Window manager using XCreateBitmapFromData() function. This icon can display on the application window correctly.

            The other is an application using libxpm. It get the pixmap from a file using the function XpmReadFileToPixmap(). This icon can also display in the application.

            Another example is the eog program under gnome. The button icon can not be displayed in the program. It is quite similar with our bug. But this program is written in GTK, no Xlib.

            So is there some people know the mechanism of the GNOME to display the icon? I found that these files are png file format. Or any program can reproduce this using Xlib??

            I attached a file to demonstrate this bug.







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