Re: jhbuild build issues

fr., 11.01.2008 kl. 08.57 +0000, skrev Djihed Afifi:
> Hi,
> I am trying to build some GNOME trunk packages using jhbuild and I'm
> running through difficulties. 
> Namely, some packages (like evolution and epiphany) seem to be using the
> local glib library (/usr/lib/ instead of the one just
> built by jhbuild. 
> When I look at the make output, I see that the local glib is being
> placed before the jhbuild version of glibg, which causes the errors.
> See the attached file for a log of this happening.
> Why does this behaviour happen? I'd really like to build these trunk
> versions for bugs and testing, but I'm hitting this wall.
Have you tried forcing it to re-autogen? jhbuild build -a might help.


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