GUADEMY 2008: Final program and online participation


The final program of GUADEMY and more information is available in this link:

To enable participation of all people in GUADEMY 2008, we are going to
broadcast the event through video streaming, and we have configured a
Jabber room as a return channel for enable the online participation in
the discussions.

Friday, 25 April 2008

* GUADEMY 2008 Inaugural Ceremony
* Introduction Forum: current state and objectives
* QtWebKit
by Mr. Holger FREYTHER (FU-Berlin)
* Novell GNOME-KDE sharing project GNOME/KDE sharing and
by Mr. Rodrigo MOYA (GNOME Hispano); Mr. Will STEPHENSON (Novell, KDE)
* specifications: are they boring?
by Mr. Vincent UNTZ (Novell, GNOME)
* Developing on GNU
by Mr. Aleix POL (KDE)

Saturday, 26 April 2008

* The future of Free Software graphical toolkits
by Mr. Carlos GARNACHO (Imendio AB); Mr. Holger FREYTHER (FU-Berlin); *
* Metadata management in desktop
by Mr. Ivan FRADE (Nokia)
* KDE Akonadi PIM
by Mr. Will STEPHENSON (Novell, KDE)
* Past and present of the build systems. Building, testing and releasing
software with the CMake buildchain
by Mr. Pau GARCIA I QUILES (Arisnova)

Sunday, 27 April 2008

* System Tools Backends and PackageKit
by Mr. Carlos GARNACHO (Imendio AB); Mr. Richard HUGHES (Red Hat)
* Final Forum: conclusions and achievements
* Closing Ceremony

Organization of GUADEMY 2008

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