Re: Where to request for new package !

[forgot to send to the list the first time, sorry for the duplicate

ons, 18,.01.2006 kl. 05.52 -0800, skrev Ankit Patel:
> Hi all,
> Sorry if i am posting this mail at wrong place. I have developed one
> application and wnat it to be included in the gnome. Can somebody
> please suggest me where do i have to post the request for review of my
> package?
Normally you would just release your package and announce it on
gnome-announce-list gnome org - and if the package is interesting enough
you can propose it for inclusion in the next release of gnome when the
next development cycle starts.

Apps should have had regular tarball releases and preferably a
bugtracker and an informative web page before they are considered for
inclusion in the gnome desktop suite.

Hope this helps


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