Re: problem with gnome apps

On 1/16/06, hemant kumar <technix88 yahoo com> wrote:
> >
> PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/src/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH
> >
> > This has only (AFAIK) meaning when compiling
> > stuff...
> That one is set, because i frequently compile my Gtk#
> programs ,using that path as the PKG_CONFIG_PATH

Yeah, I was merely pointing that one out.

> > > and LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/src/lib
> >
> > ...and in addition to this you need to set
> > XDG_DATA_DIRS to include /opt/src.
> >
> > The Garnome startup script is a good one to copy and
> > adapt environment
> > settings from:
> yes..i have set up, XDG_DATA_DIRS also to point it to,
> /opt/src. Also, i want to make it clear that, my
> existing gnome installation(2.10) doesn't load
> correctly because of setting up,
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/src/lib. i am not trying to run a
> entirely new gnome compilation. Basically i want my
> existing Gnome installation and use /opt/src as test
> bed for running apps created using latest libs from
> SVN/CVS(mostly GTK#). I think most of the Gnome
> programmers have such a setup, where they use stable
> Gnome installation and use /opt/src as the location
> for having latest apps from SVN/CVS. But as i said
> earlier..setting up  LD_LIBRARY_PATH to this new
> location breaks the existing Gnome install.

Why wouldn't it? You are after all telling the old programs to use the
new data (which may have changed place etc) and the new libs (which
could be incompatible).

> As it seems, all the Gnome apps, try to load shared
> libraries(such as gtk+,atk,pango,glib) from
> /opt/src/lib. Which contains latest builds from CVS.
> But as they were compiled against older libs(gtk+2.6
> in my case), hence the problem. I have a feeling that
> putting up these path in /etc/ may solve the
> problem.

Possibly, or just launching them from a shell after setting up the
environment to point to /opt/src.

So if you want to use the /opt/src libs for some programs, but not
all, you should not set it globally, but instead set up the
environment in a separate shell or (better) create a startup script
that does it before launching the program.

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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