Re: problem with gnome apps

> This has only (AFAIK) meaning when compiling
> stuff...
That one is set, because i frequently compile my Gtk#
programs ,using that path as the PKG_CONFIG_PATH

> > and LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/src/lib
> ...and in addition to this you need to set
> XDG_DATA_DIRS to include /opt/src.
> The Garnome startup script is a good one to copy and
> adapt environment
> settings from:

yes..i have set up, XDG_DATA_DIRS also to point it to,
/opt/src. Also, i want to make it clear that, my
existing gnome installation(2.10) doesn't load
correctly because of setting up,
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/src/lib. i am not trying to run a
entirely new gnome compilation. Basically i want my
existing Gnome installation and use /opt/src as test
bed for running apps created using latest libs from
SVN/CVS(mostly GTK#). I think most of the Gnome
programmers have such a setup, where they use stable
Gnome installation and use /opt/src as the location
for having latest apps from SVN/CVS. But as i said
earlier..setting up  LD_LIBRARY_PATH to this new
location breaks the existing Gnome install.

As it seems, all the Gnome apps, try to load shared
libraries(such as gtk+,atk,pango,glib) from
/opt/src/lib. Which contains latest builds from CVS.
But as they were compiled against older libs(gtk+2.6
in my case), hence the problem. I have a feeling that 
putting up these path in /etc/ may solve the

I will try to make it more clear. For example,
Monodevelop is compiled with Gtk#-2.8, some dependecy
loop forced me to compiled gtk+-2.8, for compiling
gtk#-2.8. So i have gtk#,gtk-2.8 compiled and
installed in /opt/src. If i remove /opt/src/lib from
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, then existing gnome-2.10 will work
flawlessly, but then monodevelop will not work..

with regards

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