Re: upcomming glade release

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
it is indeed too late, since the module inclusion deadline is over.
You'll need to propose it for inclusion (email to
desktop-devel-list gnome org) at the beginning of next development
cycle, that is, around September. It will be announced in

   I've been getting the ML run-around the last couple days and
found out about desktop-devel-list on irc the other day :)

Now that we are finally publishing a stable release, it would be
nice to follow the gnome time based releases, whether glade should
be considered a desktop module or not I'm not sure... seems that
alot of information I am missing is scattered about mailing lists
that I'm not subscribed to (yet), so I'll try to rethink this a
little... but I'll probably be lazy about it and take it to
desktop-devel and just see what happens (since I'd rather spend
time writing code than discussing release politics ;-p )

/me follows the ML trail...

Cheers all,

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