Re: What happened to GnomeNumberEntry GnomeLess

On Fri, 2005-14-01 at 12:14 -0700, Jeff Dever wrote:
> Hello All,
> Where oh where did the GnomeLess and GnomeNumberEntry widgets go?  They 
> were part of Gnome 1.0, but after the refactoring of 2.0 they are no 
> longer present in libgnomeui.  I don't see that they have been pushed 
> down to GTK+ and can't find them anywhere.  I would like to use both of 
> these (or something highly similar) in a radio astronomy processing package.
> The Glade2 tutorial lists them as "missing" along with several others:
> -jsd

Ah ucalgary, the old alma mater. Say hi to Richard for me. ;)

I can't say where they went but I do know that gnomeui is going the way
of the Dodo. The good widgets there are getting punted to better places
(mostly GTK+ proper), or dropped. Based on my googling I suspect that
those widgets were considered of limited usefulness, and were just
dropped outright.

Perhaps you can track down the maintainers of gnomeui or try the gtk-
devel list.


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