Re: Problem with VTE & autoconf

Benoit Caccinolo wrote:

Compiling VTE with jhbuild, I encountered a problem with the naming of
autoconf. The autogen is looking for a 2.5* autoconf which the name is
autconf-2.5* _there is a minus between the name and the version_. But
with my Ubuntu and my debian autoconfs are named without the minus (e.g.
Does anyone know what is the standard naming and who failes, Debian or
The standard name for the autoconf executable is "autoconf" (which is what VTE's script checks for first). The other names have been used by various distros that wanted to install ancient autoconf as "autoconf".

VTE's script seems to do the right thing on my Ubuntu system, so I'm not sure what is the cause of your problem. Perhaps you could provide a bit more information about the problem.


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