Re: Workspace Specific Desktops

On Tue, 2004-12-14 at 11:44 -0800, paul pksings com wrote:
> I'm a bit of a long-time Linux user and have come really like Gnome
> because it is clean, fast and just plain looks and works well. There is
> one feature in it that I personally really would like to see however,
> workspace specific backgrounds instead of the one background for all
> workspaces.
> In researching how to do it I find that it apparently can not be done.
> Nautilus, which handles the backgrounds, does not have that capability.
> There probably is some technical reason, bloat, difficulty or something as
> to why it can't.  And I'd really like to know what it is.

Not really. The reason is that its a fair chunk of work to figure out
how to make it work and implement it in the various modules needed.
Nobody has yet taken the time to do it.

> And how many people really would like this feature.
> For me it has resulted in probably 40 hours of my life searching for a way
> to make it happen as it is the only thing I don't like about Gnome. Yes, I
> tried KDE, which by the way, can do this, but to me it's just not as clean
> and nice. Yes, I probably could spend the hours learning to customize it
> and make it that way as it is pretty much infinitely customizable, but
> quite frankly, I have no desire to spend more hours learning about and
> customizing KDE to look like Gnome, which is what I would be trying to
> accomplish. What I really want is Gnome to do this.
> I am willing to spend money to make this happen. I am wondering if we the
> users who would like this can make it happen. I would like to propose that
> we who want this funtionality each send $5.00 US to the developer who, or
> developers who provide it for us. I'm sure that there are at least 1000
> users willing to provide 5 dollars each to get this functionality,
> probably more. I personally will send $20. It is definitely worth that to
> me, actually it's worth more but I think if enough of us are willing to
> send a small amount it will add up to a large sum and somebody will do it
> for us.

While money is a great motivator, the main problem is probably still
finding someone with time and capabilities to work on it.

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