Re: Gnome Desktop Language

Michael Anckaert <anckaert gmail com> writes:

> My personal favorite is Java. I've been programming java for a year or
> so and have really grown to like it.Mono isn't really a candidate for
> me, as it's to much a M$ product.

I hope that Java will not be the primary language of Gnome, because
it alienates other languages (JVM is very poorly suited for running
languages I'm interested in: functional languages) and I hate Java
itself. Bindings between other languages and C are in practice easier,
because most runtimes are implemented in C, and because they have
already been developed (because of lots of C libraries available).

OTOH I hope that applications will not be forever written in C,
because Windows programmers will proceed with producing useful
applications much faster with C# than can be done in C.

I really don't know what should be done about this.

I believe there is no sensible winning platform today, and thus Gnome
should continue to be open to various languages. Unfortunately many
people know only C, and thus the potential openness is underutilized
and Gnome is treated as C only.

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