Re: gnome-devel-list Digest, Vol 8, Issue 1

On Thu,  9 Dec 2004 16:20:26 -0200, juliocep <juliocep uol com br> wrote:
> Hello All.
> I agree with Michael. As a java
> developer to for 4 years I think would
> be good to make java the Gnome desktop
> language. One because java is already
> supported through GTK+ and two because
> it is already very popular.

You are describing Python, right? No wait, it was Perl. No no, Ruby. C++?
There are so many choices it gets confusing...

> It could
> bring more productivitie for Gnome
> developers and make Gnome more popular
> and powerfull against M$.

What about against Sun, or Apple or someone else?


Two points:

1) there's already support for lots of languages (including java)
through the official Bindings release, nobody is forcing a
GNOME-compatible program to be coded in C. Why start forcing them to
be written in java?

2) If you start avoiding one solution because of legal issues, avoid
all of the solutions that have them. (mono, java, spring-loaded
folder, whatnot)

My take on this is that it should be possible for a Desktop release
module to depend on a free Binding, or for clearness, make two Binding
releases: free and external. Free is what Desktop can depend on and
external is the ones that have issues. That way GNOME would get more
cool software but still stay free from any legal issues.

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi

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