Re: Gnome Desktop Language

Michael Anckaert wrote:
Unfortunately, this is the only thread I found in the archive.

My personal favorite is Java. I've been programming java for a year or
so and have really grown to like it.Mono isn't really a candidate for

Frankly I think Java will not succeed in this area until there's a viable open source implementation. GCJ is promising but it doesn't fully implement the Java specs yet, and performance isn't optimal. Besides, Java has a huge VM overhead, even when GCJ is used. Apps take many seconds to load, and they eat tons of RAM. Back when I had 128 MB RAM, my computer swaps like mad whenever I've started a Java applet.

> as it's to much a M$ product

Watch out for people (Slashdotters) flaming you down for being a "zealot".

Instead of waiting for Sun or IBM to release their JDK under an oss
license, the Gnome community should contact Sun or IBM and try to
convice them to release Java or the JDK under an oss license.

Hasn't that already been tried before? I think Sun once announced that they'll open source Java. And then they suddenly cancelled the plans. And there are tons of people who are against open sourcing Java, because it will cause "fragmentation" and will "kill" the language, etc.

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