RE: Java and Bonobo communication via CORBA

On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 18:48, Patrick Gerzanics wrote:
> Michael,
> First of all let me say that I appreciate the assistance you've given me and
> hopefully forthcoming wisdom :)  This area seems somewhat unexplored to me
> (Java -> Bonobo) except for the Monkeybeans project which seems to have
> ended before it began from what little source was available.
> As far as what I'm trying to do:  Essentially I'm trying to access the
> Personal Calendar Server and Personal Addressbook Server components of
> Evolution to build a synchronization tool with Java.  From what I can tell I
> will probably also need to access the base Storage components in order to
> create folders and what not.
> So, if I understand you right, I should be able to fork the
> activation-client with a certain query (using the OAF query language?  If so
> a good pointer would help immensely as all the docs I've found have very
> superficial examples) which will yield an IOR to the actual object I  would
> like to access.  Once I have this IOR I can communicate with the component
> via public CORBA interfaces?
once you get the Evolution components, you'll talk with them via the
Wombat interfaces, distributed with Evolution.


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