Re: gnome canvas and gtk menu questions

Hi John,

	I guess gnome-love gnome org is more appropriate for this kind of

On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 05:39, John Heidemann wrote:
> - I miss the smoothed polygons from Tk's polygon option.

	Do you mean anti-aliasing ? if so - the canvas has a mode which you can
turn on to do that (one of the initial shady design decisions).

> - I want to change the color of a menu item, all the time, to indicate

	Mostly this is a terrible idea; IMHO it's a feature that it's hard to

> Any suggestions about how to change the color of a single menu item?
> Is this a style/theming problem?  (I want to control just one menu
> entry.  I'm happy to let theming work for all the other parts of the
> menu.)

	So what color do you want to set it to ? what if the theme uses that
color for the background ? will a different coloured menu give the user
the heebie jeebies - given that no other app does this sort of evilness

> - I also want to change the *text* of the menu item dynamically.
> Unfortunately, I don't see any API to change the label of an existing
> menu entry.  (I would guess gtk_menu_item_set_label.)

	Cast GTK_BIN(menu_item)->child to a GTK_LABEL and poke at that.

> But that's *exactly* what I want to do.  I'm happy to resize the
> embedded canvas widget.

	Then simply ensure that your canvas requests a really small size; like
2x2 - and you can fiddle with it on 'size_allocate'. It's a bad idea to
allocate less than the request I'm sure.



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