Re: patches for libzvt and gnome-terminal

Looking at the date (28. July) and in my local archives, I am NOT able to find the message. Maybe it never arrived at this list?

Otherwise it might me usefull to report these problems as bugs in bugzilla (that's what it is for) and put your patches with that bugs.


D.G. Knol

Op di 24-09-2002, om 21:52 schreef M G Berberich:

I just testet gnome2 and had to find out, that severe bugs for which I
send patches to this list are still in gnome-terminal. 

Does anyone of the gnome-peoples care?!

Am Saturday, den 28. July 2001 21:11:21 schrieb M G Berberich:

> 1. a patch against libzvt
>    This patch is against libzvt from gnome-libs-1.2.13 and contains:
>    * fix for a problem with word-select.
>      selecting wordwise (with double-click) and moving the cursor
>      backwards does not work the way it should: The initial word gets
>      lost.
>    * fix for update-problem
>      sometimes the terminal-emulations display is incorrect and does
>      not match the internal buffer.
>      disable background-image and transparency and start 
>      'make menuconfig'. Then select a long helptext and scroll down:
>      parts of the display do not get updated properly.
> patches are available at:


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