Re: patches for libzvt and gnome-terminal

Am Tuesday, den 24. September 2002 21:52:28 schrieb M G Berberich:

I just testet gnome2 and had to find out, that severe bugs for which I
send patches ages ago are still in gnome-terminal. 

Any way to get a patch into gnome?!

Am Saturday, den 28. July 2001 21:11:21 schrieb M G Berberich:

> 1. a patch against libzvt
>    This patch is against libzvt from gnome-libs-1.2.13 and contains:
>    * fix for a problem with word-select.
>      selecting wordwise (with double-click) and moving the cursor
>      backwards does not work the way it should: The initial word gets
>      lost.
>    * fix for update-problem
>      sometimes the terminal-emulations display is incorrect and does
>      not match the internal buffer.
>      disable background-image and transparency and start 
>      'make menuconfig'. Then select a long helptext and scroll down:
>      parts of the display do not get updated properly.
> patches are available at:


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