Re: How to install app write in gtk 1.x to gnome 2.0

On Sun, 2002-09-22 at 20:43, chen.shengqi wrote:
> Dear sirs:
>     I installed gnome 2.0 in solaris 8 for x86, it works fine, and I want to install anjuta, glimmer, gftp on it, when I run ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnome-2.0 , it always need, or said no glib , this should be file on gnome-1.x, and on gnome-2.0 no this file indeed.and on gnome 2.0, glib was name to glib-2.0. How can I overcome this problem?
>     It seems that  when  libs are upgrade,the DLL/LIB are offen renamed. this is a big problem to me.
>     thanks.

You can have both gtk1.x and gtk2.x installed at the same time. 
Download the necessary libraries (gtk from, gnome from and install what is necessary.  That way, you can use/develop
with both sets of libraries.  (the reason the names changed between
versions is to allow both to be installed together.)

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