Re: How to install app write in gtk 1.x to gnome 2.0

On Mon, Sep 23, 2002 at 08:43:36AM +0800, chen.shengqi wrote:
>     I installed gnome 2.0 in solaris 8 for x86, it works fine, and I
>     want to install anjuta, glimmer, gftp on it, when I run
>     ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnome-2.0 , it always need,
>     or said no glib , this should be file on gnome-1.x, and on
>     gnome-2.0 no this file indeed.and on gnome 2.0, glib was name to
>     glib-2.0. How can I overcome this problem?  It seems that  when
>     libs are upgrade,the DLL/LIB are offen renamed. this is a big
>     problem to me.  thanks.

You cannot build GNOME 1 applications against GNOME 2 libraries. If you
are building something like the main anjunta release (I don't believe
the GNOME 2 port has been release yet for that), it will need to build
against glib-1.2, etc.

It sounds like you do not have the various devel packages installed on
your system for glib-1.2, gtk-1.2 and so forth (configure will pick
those up if they are in default locations, regardless of how you set

The libraries were renamed, by the way, to indicate that they are
completely different things (not API compatible). This also permits
parallel installs, so that you can run and build both gtk-1.2 and
gtk-2.0 applications.


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