Atomix needs new maintainer


I'am the original author and maintainer of the mind game Atomix. Due to my
general rare free time and involvement in other projects, I can't spend
the attention it deserves anymore. So I am looking for a volunteer to take
over this job.

Atomix is currently listed as part of the Gnome Fifth Toe package, it is
available in Gnome CVS (module atomix) and is already completely ported to
Gnome2. Therefore a new maintainer could concentrate on new features,
better Gnome integration and ensure the Gnome standards, so that it stays
an earned member of the Fifth Toe package. Oh, and you don't need much
knowledge about chemistry. I don't have either :).

You can find more information on it's current website at

Best wishes,


"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to treat everything as
if it were a nail" - A. Maslow           -= =-

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