Re: file chooser (was This is a Troll)

On Tue, Sep 17, 2002 at 08:30:59AM -0700, Edward A. Falk wrote:
> Since I like the file chooser I wrote for Motif, I'd be willing to take
> a crack at defining an API and writing a first draft.  Couple of questions
> though:

Well, you probably should at least look at what already exists in the
file selector portion of libegg. It's not as if nobody has been working
on this previously. There have also been a number of discussions about
it on the desktop-devel list, so have a look through the archives there.
One suggestion to suddenly only use Nautilus for file browsing does not
a spring make (if I can mix metaphors).

> What's a mime icon?

Not sure of the context here, but I guess you mean an icon to indicate
the mime type of a particular file (e.g. is it a PDF file, is it a music
file, is it a spreadsheet, etc)

> By directory tree, do you mean a ctree at the left?

> What's libegg?  I'm still in the gtk 1.2 world.

libegg is a module in GNOME CVS. It's a repository for code that has not
yet migrated to its final resting place because it is too bleeding edge,
or due to API breakage issues or possibly for other reasons. You will
need to move into the gtk 2 and GNOME 2 world for your contributions to
have an effect on this particular conversation, though, since we _are_
talking about GNOME 2.2 here.

> I like the nautilus view idea.  Have to think about that.
> Where can I find documentation on using plugins in glib?

In the GLib API documentation?! For example,


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