Re: gtkhtml2 vs. gtkhtml1


> now the question is. what makes 'evolution' a more important application
> the reason for this gtkhtml1 vs. gtkhtml2 discussion than any other
> application. i doubt that we see a gnome evo 2 port before gnome 2.2
> release (maybe after that time)... think about this please.

You might want to factor things in.  For instance, Evolution has a
dependency on GtkHTML 1 at this point because of its editing features. 
Since this is a requirement right now, and the Evolution team is quite
busy doing a number of very peripheral changes to Evolution, none of
which involve large hacking of gtkhtmlXX, you can assume that this code
base will be maintained and developed.

Maybe adding editing to GtkHTML2 is possible, I do not know, but I do
know that two developers have concentrated on it for almost two years to
get a nice and fast editing widget.  It might not be trivial to port the
code over.


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