RE: This is a Troll!

Yes I really don't understand why some form of Nautilus can't be made
into the Gnome file selector.  OK it's not gtk+ only but so what.  It
would integrate well with Gnome as that is what the normal user sees
when they use the Nautilus file manager any way.  As a consistent view
into the filesystem would this make sense?  Much code reuse as well and
as Nautilus grows and changes so does the file selector.

On Mon, 2002-09-16 at 19:00, Franck Martin wrote:
> I think a nice File Selector for gnome would be one with 2 panes:
> Left pane: The Nautilus Left Pane in tree view by default.
> Right Pane: The Nautilus Right Pane
> Has Nautilus is all made of bonobo, it should be easy to bundle these panes
> in a file selector. You will then have a very powerfull interface, where you
> can view files as icon, snapshot, where you can rename them, drag and drop
> them to other nautilus panes....
> The other advantage, is that you just need to make a nautilus viewer for
> your files to have them looking good everywhere....
> Around these panes you will have the standard, create directory, enter file
> name,...
> Just a thought....
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> The file chooser in libegg uses a small file system abstraction object. 
>  A simple one would be provided with gtk+, and a VFS aware one would be 
> provided with libgnome maybe.  The filesystem object provides a 
> "get_item_icon" method, which could use the gnome-vfs mime and icon 
> loader code on GNOME, win32 APIs for the Windows port, and some fallback 
> for plain GTK+.
> James.
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