RE: This is a Troll!

I think a nice File Selector for gnome would be one with 2 panes:

Left pane: The Nautilus Left Pane in tree view by default.
Right Pane: The Nautilus Right Pane

Has Nautilus is all made of bonobo, it should be easy to bundle these panes
in a file selector. You will then have a very powerfull interface, where you
can view files as icon, snapshot, where you can rename them, drag and drop
them to other nautilus panes....

The other advantage, is that you just need to make a nautilus viewer for
your files to have them looking good everywhere....

Around these panes you will have the standard, create directory, enter file

Just a thought....

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The file chooser in libegg uses a small file system abstraction object. 
 A simple one would be provided with gtk+, and a VFS aware one would be 
provided with libgnome maybe.  The filesystem object provides a 
"get_item_icon" method, which could use the gnome-vfs mime and icon 
loader code on GNOME, win32 APIs for the Windows port, and some fallback 
for plain GTK+.


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