Re: This is a Troll!

On 12 Sep 2002 16:12:12 +0200
Ali Akcaagac <ali akcaagac stud fh-wilhelmshaven de> wrote:

> > The solution is simple - pay for technical support. If there isn't 
> > tech support either a) quit whining because any help you do get will
> > be free, and you get what you pay for or b) set up a tech support
> > company and employ experts to answer people's questions.
> quite lame comment don't you think ?

Why? Could you point out exactly where the inaccuracy with it is? Or do you believe that unpaid assistance from people who are not trained to help you and have a lot of other work to do while you are taking up their valuable time is a God given right? Especially when the answer is already available to you elsewhere?

Perhaps a transaction description is a better illustration. 

Help from developers and other users is not free: they have to work to
answer your question so they are entitled to some payment. Your payment
isn't in $ as it would be to a normal tech support line, instead you are
expected ensure that you have checked that your question hasn't already
been answered in the materials available. If you do not want to make
that payment (ie: you can't be bothered to check) then you should not
expect any service: why should you be given a service if you haven't provided any payment? The alternative is that you pay in some other
fashion - a real $ tech support line for example. Just because this is
free software *don't* expect that everything is free - the free is as
"freedom", not always as "beer", and the currency is not always conventional money.


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