Re: This is a Troll!

On 11 Sep 2002, Ali Akcaagac wrote:

> we are all working on the ultimative desktop environment for linux
> (which GNOME currently is not). so it is better to work together with
> the users and get the weakness of GNOME fixed instead shutting down the
> head and ears and ignore people's request. if so then it is better to
> forget the mission.

I write this letter from finland where linux-users have profiled to be 
hardcore hackers. Linux has poor reputation to be mystical and hard OS to 
use. If we cannot make usable programs even for stupid newbies, they will 
select windows and that will increace the power of M$. Usable programs are
only way to make linux more popular for common users (IMO). I have 
programmed many years but still I got answer like RTFM for my questions. 

If we don't make the future who will? My bet is windows and closed 

Risto Peranen ( Risto Peränen with proper lang setting )

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