Re: Compilation problems with printer applet

Rajkumar Sivasamy wrote:
Am trying to build printer applet which is a part of gnome-panel
(gnome-panel/applets/gen_utils/). Though this applet is a part of
gnome-panel it wasn't compiled when I built gnome-panel. B'coz in
Makefile (in gnome-panel/applets/gen_utils dir.) there wasn't any entry
for printer applet's source (printer.c & printer.h). So I made an entry
to it by adding printer.c and printer.h to (under
gnome-panel/applets/gen_utils) and generated the Makefile for the same
by running in gnome-panel. But the build (*make*) failed for
printer applet.
The changes made in
I have added printer.c & printer.h to the SOURCES as below:.

The reason why it is not included in build is that it does not compile, not ported, does not work.... So you can't compile it unless you port it properly to gnome2 platform.


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