GnomerMind beta testing... may anyone...

Hi! :)
    I coded and maintain a GNOME game called GnomerMind; it's a sort of
MasterMind clone, but very configurable in graphics (with theme support) and
rules, so it's not "just as usual"... ;) It features an intuitive gameplay
and interface, and some very nice themes; it's translated in 10 languages,
and IMHO supports all the features a GNOME application should, including
session management and sounds. You can gather more infoes on
    Currently, it's very near to be stable; the latest release is 1.0pre1,
and now I'd like to have some beta testing... the program should be
relatively bug-free; but many eyes see better than few, and you're more
expert than me, and could spot bugs, or faults in implementation of GNOME
features, much better than me.
    So, may anyone give me a hand? The packages (tarballs and ix86 binary
RPM, debian package and diff and xdelta patches) download pages can be
accessed from the site I mentioned, section Download. If you have some time
to spare, please try it; it's meant to be funny, so you could like it... :)
And please tell me whatever could be wrong.
    Thanks in advance,
        Mano :)

GnomerMind - an intriguing puzzle
             game for your GNOME!
mano78 users sourceforge net

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