Re: Core Dump with checkbox

"Douglas G. Phillips" <csdgp parallelpanther eiu edu> writes: 
> Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkbox.c: line 332 (gtk_box_pack_start): assertion
> `child->parent == NULL' failed.

This means a widget was added to a container (a GtkBox apparently)
when it was already inside some other container.

Run the app in gdb with --g-fatal-warnings:
$ gdb ./myapp
(gdb) run --g-fatal-warnings

Then it will stop in gdb at the warning, and you can get a backtrace.
> I haven't gotten deep enough into gnome programming to figure out what is
> going on, but I know that I have the code correct as on the website.

The tutorial is just giving you an example of how to debug GTK
code. ;-)


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