Re: Visible files and Bundles

> User-files:
> - Nautilus should use a user-visible directory as the desktop folder.
> ~/Desktop is the best one, visible directly when opening any
> application, including legacy apps. And it's also what KDE uses.
> Nautilus should support KDE launchers and special directories in there.
> I think that pretty much everybody will agree with this.

Well, I wouldn't want want this feature.  In KDE, when I actually have
it installed (when I try out new releases), I have icons on the desktop,
since it is the most efficient method of launching apps in KDE.  In
GNOME, I prefer to have launchers on my panel, so I never have to
minimize a window to launch an app.  While it may be nice to share
icons, there needs to be a way to seperate KDE/GNOME icons, as well.
Perhaps GNOME/KDE needs to agree on a common .desktop format, and one
feature should be a allow/deny type area that sets up which desktop
(KDE, GNOME, XFCE, etc.) an icon will display on.  Then, I can turn off
the icons in GNOME/Nautilus, while having them stay on in KDE.

This is would exceedingly simply to do, if the KDE/GNOME camps would
agree on a common format.

Sean Middleditch
AwesomePlay Productions, Inc.

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