ANNOUNCE: PonG 0.13 "Eeeeeeeek"

A new PonG (v 0.13) is out.  If you wonder what PonG is:

 PonG is a library and a GUI tool for creating preference dialogs with a
 minimum of coding.  The description of the gconf keys and widgets are written
 in an XML file that is read at runtime and the dialog is created and gconf
 magic is done.  All you have to do on your side is listen for gconf changes.
 It also allows the preference dialogs to be run from a different program and
 actually even from the command line.  It would also allow a registry editor
 to run the correct preference dialog for some keys.  It also allows automatic
 creation of GConf schema files, so you can do all your preference work with a
 GUI tool.

I finally used grapevine as a guineapig for the bonobo code and realized it
had many drawbacks.  This release fixes those.  For one there is a library
for making creation of new pong widgets as easy as using the
PongWidgetInterface for non-bonobo custom widgets.  And secondly arguments
now work.  That is, if you use the lib for your bonobo control, the arguments
from the pong file will get set as GTK+ arguments on your widget.  In the
course of the changes there was one breakage outside of the bonobo stuff,
and that is returning a TRUE/FALSE from set_label.  That way we know if
the widget supports it.  Another fun breakage is that private headers are
no longer installed, but you weren't supposed to be using them anyway :)

For a good example how to use pong, including the bonobo interface check
out what grapevine does.  Mostly look at pong_bonobo_entry_* use in the
src/main.c and secondly look at src/grapevine-keywords-list.gob.

Here's what's new in 0.13:

	pong (library):
		- set_label returns a bool which will make the lib do
		  the internal label setting
		- Make initial size layout work (mostly at least) for bonobo
		  controls by doing evil gtk tricks
		- Make it posible to turn off the label aligning for widgets
		- Add a columns field to groups, so you can have groups with
		  more then one column of widgets.
		- PongListEntry now has settable titles on the lists
		- Fixes

		- PongBonoboEntry object which is a simple implementation
		  which makes it easy to create new pong bonobo controls by
		  just using the PongWidgetInterface from the main pong
		- setLabel is now a separate intertface so that it
		  can be queried if it exists or not.
		- new interface for setArg which is string based.  This
		  is used mostly for the PongBonoboEntry
		- Evil fixes to make things work right, especially
		- Hack around evil ORBit memory issues by leaking in
		  remote case (better then crashing)
		- Fixes

		- Has a .desktop file now
		- Fix moving panes around
		- Bunch of other fixes

		- The gettext stuff should now be done correctly when used
		  as a library
		- Bunch of new translations by the gnome i18n dudes

And where do you get this gem of modern engineering you ask?


George <jirka 5z com>
   History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.
                       -- Winston Churchill

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