an all-new-and-shining ggv reincarnation in CVS

I've commited major changes to ggv HEAD branch:
  - display of pointer coordinates in points, metric or anglo-saxon
  - an all new bonobo component modeled after Martin's excellent EOG
    component. it needs quite a lot of work to be complete, but it's
    a start and it integrates with nautilus very nicely.
  - separation of GtkGS from the rest of ggv code
  - a new way of handling GtkGS defaults
  - GtkGS API now has all the necessary functions to discourage meddling
    with its members directly. they will get moved to a private
  - new API for media stuff
  - clean up of GtkGS code
  - some minor bugfixes
  - changes from ggv-1.0 branch were merged in where it was appropriate

Bug reports are welcome (use bugzilla) and patches even more so.



email: jaka gnu org

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