Re: Cvs import of packages (Was Re: replacement for batteryapplet in GNOME 2.0)

Hi and thanks to help miguel !

Quoting Miguel de Icaza <miguel ximian com>:

> Please mail me the information Naba, and I will get your CVS account
> done on time.  Is Stephane in charge of putting the sources on the CVS
> as well?

I'm not sure Naba has got the couple of necessary informations. Here
are them :

 __Module Informations __
      - description : IDE for Gnome, please visit
             for more information
      - why         : it's part of Gnome 1.4 Fifth Toe, so it seems logic ;)

    __Informations about me__
      - my name     : Stéphane Démurget
      - e-mail      : demurgets free fr
      - login       : stef or sd or zzrough or whatever
      - password    : 4i4kQGxFVFBUw

    __Informations about Naba__
      - name        : Naba Kumar
      - e-mail      : kh_naba 123india com
      - login       : kh_naba
      - password    : DhtNLPaD6qQb.

... and I'm in charge of importing sources on the CVS.

Best regards,


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